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main questions

How much does it cost to develop a new product?

Costs for product development vary greatly from one product to the next, with the main driving factor being the complexity of the product itself. The more parts & materials your product is comprised of and the more functions your product has, the more costly it tends to be to develop that new product.

The key here is to try and simplify your product idea as much as realistically possible.

What if all I have is the product idea?

All great products start with just an idea. Your success will come from what you do next with that idea. Speaking with a product design expert or team while you have only the product idea can be incredibly informative and can increase your chance of successfully developing & launching your product.

Do you offer a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

Yes! We do offer a free Non-Disclosure Agreement to all of our clients. After you schedule a Project Consultation with our team, you will immediately be given access to our NDA, which you can digitally review, sign and submit before we speak about your project.

Do you only work wtih companies?

We work with companies and individuals, such as private product creators and inventors. The process of development is pretty much the same for both customer types, but we tailor the experience to better meet your specific needs, including customer education.

Do I need a patent on my idea before working with 3DXtremes?

No, you do not need a patent before working with our team at 3DXtremes. In-fact, we actually recommend that you do not file for any type of patent (including a provisional) until later in your development process. It is helpful to have a patent search completed, which our team can provide more guidance on during our Project Consultation with you.

How do i get started?

To get started, simply click this link and you will be able to select a day/time for your free Project Consultation.

planning & developing

I have a new product idea... but what do I do first?

The first thing to do with your new product idea is to make sure you have a clear understanding of what problem your product solves and who your targeted user is. If you don't clearly understand and document the problem you are trying to solve, it's easy to find yourself with a great working and nice looking product that no one wants to buy.

What is a target user profile?

A target user profile outlines the demographics (age, gender, income, etc.) and the psychographics (attitude, aspirations, etc.) of your target user. This profile document is something you will want to refer to throughout your product development journey to ensure your product will still serve your target user in the best way possible.

Our team can help you craft a Target User profile during the first stages of your project, or you can create your own using our free template by clicking here.

How do I know if there's a market for my product?

The question isn't typically IF there is a market for your new product. Instead, the question should be how BIG is the market for your product. Performing market research is a must in the early days of planning for your new product so that you understand not only who your competition is, but how big the market is that you are competing with them in.

Should I patent my idea first?

While it's great to protect your product idea, it's much easier said than done and, quite frankly, isn't always something you should do. Filing for a patent on your product idea will require a bit of budget, typically $3k - $10k depending on the type of patent filing and the product idea complexity. You must also keep in mind that if you file for a utility patent on your idea to protect how it functions, this may end up changing as you go through the product design & prototyping process. Due to this, we suggest filing for a provisional patent AFTER you've finished designing & prototyping your product.

What are cad models and do I need them?

CAD stands for computer-aided design. If you are designing a product that you hope to mass-produce in the future (or even produce at low quantities accurately), you will typically need digital CAD model files. These files are what most prototype fabricators and product manufacturers will require in order to provide you with a quote for production and to make the actual parts.

How do I have a prototype made, or should I build one myself?

You should certainly build a prototype of your product idea for yourself if you can. If you can't, or simply need a higher-quality prototype to show-off, then you can hire a team like ours to build & test your product prototype professionally.

what happens after I've designed & prototyped my product?

After you've finished designing your product in CAD and have built & tested your prototype, the next thing to do is prepare for launch. This preparation takes time, but luckily can be done on your own and, therefore, doesn't require much budget. With that said, our team is here to help you through the launch preparation & manufacturing process if needed via our "Manufacturing & Launch Strategy" service.

Manufacturing & launch

what are the different ways I can launch my product?

There are several ways to launch your product in the market, including crowdfunding campaigns, your own website, Amazon FBA and more. Choosing a launch route that fits your budget, product-type and personal interests is very important and shouldn't be a decision you make in a single day.

what is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding campaigns give you the opportunity to show-off your newly developed product to the market in order to generate initial sales on a pre-order basis. You can then use the funds from these pre-orders to go and have your product manufactured. Launching a crowdfunding campaign is also a fantastic way to validate your price-point, even if you don't need the pre-order funding for moving into manufacturing.

does 3DXtremes mass-manufacture products?

Our team does not mass-manufacture products, but we can help link you with existing manufacturers in our network. These manufacturers can provide you with quotes for production of your product at different quantity levels using the CAD model design files we helped you create.

Should I manufacture my product in the u.s., or overseas?

We LOVE when our clients produce their products in the United States, but we realize that it isn't feasible for every product. Our team typically suggests leveraging both manufacturers in the US as well as overseas to achieve a more affordably priced product without sacrificing quality.

where do i get the funding to manufacture my product?

It can be rather expensive to move your product into mass-production, so we suggest creating a product Manufacturing & Launch Strategy that fits your budget. Raising additional capital through small-business loans, local/national competitions, crowdfunding and private investment groups are viable ways to help you move your product into manufacturing.

What if i just want a few units produced in the beginning?

If you just need or want a few units of your new product manufactured, it's smart to leverage production processes like 3D printing & urethane casting to produce the custom parts for those units, rather than moving into more expensive production methods like injection molding. Our team is very strategic during the design of your product so that you can more easily move into low-run production (1-20 units) once you are ready.

selling & growing

i've launched & manufactured my product, but how do I get sales?

If you have some budget available, then running ads on social media platforms such as Facebook is a great way to build initial sales traction. You can also leverage online influencers to increase awareness and demand for your product to build initial sales traction.

does 3dxtremes help sell my product?

While we don't offer services currently to help sell your product, we do offer consultation services to help you create a product Manufacturing & Launch Strategy. A part of that strategy does include an outline and resources to help you sell your product on your own, as well as information on how to find another firm to help you manage your product sales.

what is product licensing?

Licensing your product involves giving permission to another company to produce and/or sell your product. Licensing your product is a great way to scale your business by leveraging another companies existing client-base and resources; however, it's easier said than done. Our team typically suggests launching & selling your product on your own in the beginning and then considering licensing after you've built your own initial traction.

what is fba?

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) enables you to sell your product on Amazon, while letting Amazon handle the actual shipping and returns of your product sales. This process gives you the ability to scale your product sales more easily, since you don't have to hire help or rent warehouse space in order to fulfill those increased sales. This means you can focus more on increasing awareness of your product in the market with low-fees.

how do I know my product will sell?

The honest answer is you don't know that your product will sell until you try. With that being said, if your product solves a real problem and is designed for the right target user, then you have a great foundation for successfully selling your product. Add to this great product images/videos and a marketing strategy with sales partners and you have an even better chance of selling your product to the masses.

What if I have other questions for 3DXtremes?

If you have any other questions for us that aren't answered here in our FAQs, simply visit our Contact page to send us a message with your additional questions.