Our services

End-to-end product development services

Market Research

Find new market opportunity and uncover potential competitors.

Product Design

Professional sketches & 3D models of your product design.

Digital Rendering

Photo-realistic digital images of your product design.

CAD Engineering

Prepare your product designs for prototyping & production.


We will fabricate physical prototypes for testing & showcase.

Launch Strategy

We can help create a manufacturing & product launch strategy for you.

Our Approach

Programs built specifically for new product creators

1. Insight Program

Built to help those with a new product idea to create their first professional product designs.

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2. Ingenuity Program

Crafted to help turn your product designs into physical prototypes for testing & evaluation.

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3. Elevation Program

Structured to help you successfully prepare for manufacturing & launching your new product.

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Our Work

A quick look at some of our work.


We strive to provide a 5-star experience.

"If you are a novice to product development & prototyping and looking to take your product idea to the next level, 3DXtremes is the team to work with."
William Jones
Private Inventor
"Their experience and knowledge helped push my project to success and couldn't have done it without them."
Brian McKee
Private Inventor
"I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for quality prototype and design help for a competitive price."
Dr. Sherlonda Asante, MD
Private Inventor
"These guys know their stuff!   They were professional, discrete and worked quickly to get the 3D prototype done and done well.   Thank you!  We'll see you again soon."
Jim Weigl
Virginia Toy Company
"They are patient, kind and understanding of the process of creating whatever you are trying to bring into existence!"
Louise Blount
Private Inventor
"My product came out great in the end and I couldn't have done it without them!"
John Coggins
Private Inventor


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Frequently Asked Question

What are your development programs?

We've structured our three development programs (Insight, Ingenuity and Elevation) to help product creators more easily manage the development process and achieve the most important results first.

You can learn more about our programs, including pricing, by visiting our Programs Page.

What if all I have is the idea?

That's all you need! Speaking with a product designer while you only have the idea can be incredibly informative and increase your chance of success.

Do I need a patent first?

No, you don't ned a patent before speaking with our team. In-fact, we recommend that you not file for any type of patent until after you've gone through the first stage of product development. We can provide more guidance on this during your Project Consultation.

Do you offer a NDA?

Yes! We do offer a free Non-Disclosure Agreement, which you can access after scheduling your Project Consultation with our team.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply scroll down and you will see more info about how to schedule your Project Consultation, as well as a video that outlines what you can expect during that meeting.

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