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Our team helps innovators develop & launch their new physical product ideas.
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We've developed hundreds of new physical products for our clients over the past 5-years.
Product Design
Prototype Fabrication & Testing
Manufacturing & Launch Strategy
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A quick look at some of our work.

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CAD Model Design Files

product design

We start by designing your product in a format that is suitable for future prototyping & production.
Custom Part Fabrication
Assembly & Testing


Next, our team will fabricate a physical prototype of your new product design for testing & evaluation.
Wesley Rogers
Hey there! Now that we've finished the product design & prototyping stages, it's time to put together your manufacturing and launch strategy!
Manufacturer Sourced & Selected
Assembly & Testing

Manufacturing & launch Strategy

Finally, we help you prepare a manufacturing & launch strategy to help you bring your product to market.
Customer Feedback

over 450 Clients across the U.S.

Their experience and knowledge helped push my project to success and I couldn't have done it without them.
Brian McKee
Private Inventor
Over roughly a month they worked directly with me to finish conceptualizing the product, share pre-production renderings/specs, discuss prototyping material options and shipping of the final prototype. I would recommend using 3DXtremes!
Will Garner
Private Inventor
They spent time with me to help me with exactly what I needed. They were also very professional in what they do and how they do it. My product came out great in the end and I couldn't have done it without them!
John Coggins
Private Inventor

trusted by some of the best.

Some of ourfaqs.

Costs for product development vary greatly from one product to the next, with the main driving factor being the complexity of the product itself. The more parts & materials your product is comprised of and the more functions your product has, the more costly it tends to be to develop that new product.

The key here is to try and simplify your product idea as much as realistically possible.
All great products start with just an idea. Your success will come from what you do next with that idea. Speaking with a product design expert or team while you have only the product idea can be incredibly informative and can increase your chance of successfully developing & launching your product.
Yes! We do offer a free Non-Disclosure Agreement to all of our clients. After you schedule a Project Consultation with our team, you will immediately be given access to our NDA, which you can digitally review, sign and submit before we speak about your project.
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We work with companies and individuals, such as private product creators and inventors. The process of development is pretty much the same for both customer types, but we tailor the experience to better meet your specific needs, including customer education.
No, you do not need a patent before working with our team at 3DXtremes. In-fact, we actually recommend that you do not file for any type of patent (including a provisional) until later in your development process. It is helpful to have a patent search completed, which our team can provide more guidance on during our Project Consultation with you.
To get started, simply scroll down and you will see more information about how to schedule your Project Consultation, as well as a video that outlines what you can expect to discuss during that meeting.
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